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Poslaju for international deliveries

In Couriers, Ipoh, Public Grief on June 29, 2006 at 6:38 pm

I had to send 4 pieces of A4-sized documents urgently to the US. The first people I think of to do this for me is Poslaju Malaysia, secondly – if you must know – is FedEx. More on FedEx later …Edit July 11, 2006: Read about my FedEx experience!

So ok, I filled in the international airwaybill; waited patiently for my number to be called and attended to. DING! I’m up … I handed the clerk my envelope, sealed and marked with the consignee’s details and mine (the consignor). Fine, no probs. Weighed … some form shuffling … some calculator key-bashing … some scribbling … more calculator key-bashing (this is where I went, “Uh-oh …”)

“Tujuh puluh satu Ringgit, lima puluh Sen …”

How much?

“Tujuh puluh satu Ringgit, lima puluh Sen.” Shows me the scribbled amount on the receipt – RM71.50.

WTF … I proceeded to ask, just how the HECK they came up with that amount. The courier charges was RM65. “Sudah tambah 10% surcharge bahanapi.” Bahanapi? “Fuel surcharge bagi kapalterbang.”

Kenapa mahal sangat? “Biasa la; tahun ini dah naik.”

She asks me if I wanted to proceed and send it via Poslaju; suggested that better I just send via regular airmail. Because the documents were time-sensitive, I said no. Forget about it. I’ll send via FedEx, which I thought would be cheaper than these obscene rates quoted by Poslaju … of course, I was wrong. But you’ll be surprised how much is the difference, for worldclass service from the #1 courier in the world.

Suffice to say (and warn) all: If you want to send documents internationally via courier from Malaysia, you might be better off using someone else. I am definitely not using Poslaju from now on for my international shipping; it charges too high for a rather insecure-feeling service.

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  2. Hi, search your blog ..
    ya..I agree with the expensive post laju..not safe somemore want charge so high!
    ya, do you have any suggestion on, any reasonable or cheaper shipping company that can come to the company to collect my products that want to be ship?

    • I’m pretty sure all courier companies do on-site pickups … As for recommendations, I don’t have any other than FedEx – especially if you are shipping international 🙂

  3. Actually still have plenty of international express services. such as UPS And Fedex. I’m used to using this kind of services, normally they charge about rm60-70 for weight within 2kg. but they able to guaranty your stuff arrived within four days and they also provide the trade and trace services, so that you able to track your stuff location.

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