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TechStar ST-029 DVD/MP4 Player

In Home Entertainment, Ipoh on June 29, 2006 at 9:54 am

Before I commence, I’ll like to state for the record that I actually bought this player after testing it at the shop – in this case, it’s Giant Hypermarket, Sunway City Ipoh … uh, Ipoh 😛 Got a story to tell on Giant too, but more on them later.

Why On Earth … I already have a DVD player in the house. The reason I wanted another is because I needed my home DVD player to play MP4 video discs – the old one couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t wanna get into specifics about what MP4 is; just suffice for all to know that MP4 is just another form of video on a shiny disc, like VCD or SVCD or DVD. Other “names” for MP4 video you’ll probably see pasted on DVD player boxes with such playback capability are “XviD”, or “DivX”.

So ok: Onto the TechStar DVD/MP4 player, model ST-029 … which of course, plays MP4 discs. Read the rest of this entry »