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In Couriers, Ipoh on July 11, 2006 at 3:28 pm

Alrighty: FedEx 😀 You just know this is gonna be good, don’t ya? Well … it is good. But not from the start …

After my incredibly harrowing experience at the counters of Poslaju, I took the rest of that evening off to ponder just what the heck did I do … I actually spurned our national courier who’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper than any other commercial courier – let alone #1 big boy FedEx. But I was sooo pissed with the experience, I thought, hell: I’d pay to have my ego stroked!

So off I went in search of Ipoh’s one and only drop-off point for FedEx – and of alllll places … it’s at Silibin – where FedEx describes it as, “strategically located in the heart of the main business district” 🙄 Maybe if all of Ipoh is Silibin … So you can imagine how fantastic my trip to FedEx was then … a stop at the Silibin industrial area to ask for directions … “go to roundabout, turn left, then right, then you pusing-pusing inside there lah, I oso not sure exactly where” … Pusing-pusing, I sure did. Thankfully the industrial park wasn’t really big, so I found it within 5 minutes turning into the area.

How ah? If you are approaching Silibin from Jelapang/northbound NSE; take the 12 o’clock turn on the roundabout. If you’re heading there from town/Maxwell Road; take the 9 o’clock turn. Head up 100m from the roundabout, turn right at the sight of a teeny-weeny sign that says, “FedEx”. Up that road, turn left onto the road after Hoover Lighting (also on your left). Straight up, and you’ll see FedEx.

Why would I bother to give you detailed directions there? It’s worth it, man – really. Read on. All-white building. Nice all-glass front wall to the office entrance, with a big warehouse behind that. I had log my visit at the guardhouse, though – strange for a customer, but oh well at least they have security even before handing over my shipment. That’s cool. Thru the glass doors I go, and into this muted-elegant lil reception area with a huge poster of FedEx on the right wall, and comfy black leather couches around. The counter is at the far wall facing the entrance. Current newspapers and mags to read, and I could almost swear a Starbucks barista was gonna appear to hand me some iced mocha frappucino … Fancy lah, the place hehehe.

No one there. There’s a lil desk bell though, so I ding-ed that for some service. Short wait, and a pleasant dude appeared. He handed me the international air waybill and proceeded to assist me in filling it up. Not a problem to do so but the help is appreciated. I then handed him my envelope, he weighed it and promptly stuck it into a FedEx Envelope for delivery on FedEx International Priority – the usual service to use for consumer shipping of documents. I noted that this service is next-business-day delivery from Penang to the US: lucky Penangnites 😉 I also must let you know that you should use the FedEx Envelope (provided FOC) for letter or document shipping cos it’s much, much cheaper than using your own packaging.

Some quick calculation by the man … and the cost? RM67.51 – and I thought it was a mistake! That’s because I used the online FedEx Rates & Transit Times finder earlier, and it told me the cost is RM77.51. The FedEx man told me that I’m given a discount.

A discount! Apparently if you drop-off your shipment personally like what I did – you get a flat RM10 discount. How cool is that? Awesome!

So there you are, folks. FedEx actually cheaper than Poslaju in Ipoh 😀 Well ok lah … not if you stay at far-flung areas from Silibin … But, hell … the service’s good, you have absolute peace of mind on shipping your stuff, you just know it’s all good … it’s FedEx, ‘kay?

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  2. Enjoyed reading your article and thanks for the info.

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