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Kedai Makanan & Minuman Taman Timur, Ipoh Garden East

In Food, Ipoh on August 10, 2006 at 9:39 pm

Wow: I just realized this neighborhood kopitiam which I’ve been patronizing for yonks is named after a non-existent residential park …

Anyways, Kedai Minuman & Makanan Taman Timur is the de facto kopitiam for me – if you wanna meet up with me, be there every morning, 8am to 9am šŸ˜† I present to you here, the stuff that I think are passable for daily consumption (meaning you won’t puke after having it for 3 days in a row) … These following 2 concoctions are from the stall that sells not only curry, but clear soup noodles and laksa as well (non-halal):

Those are my usual dinner (yeah I’m there for dinners some, too) dishes. For mornings, I go for either the hokkien mee (2 stalls mornings/afternoons – best is mornings), wan tan mee (2 different stalls mornings/afternoons/nights) or this – the lam mee (RM2.30) which is on for the mornings only:

An occasional bent for something fried sees me having the char koay teow, which I must say is the least tasty … It only opens for morning hours. There are 2 stalls for mornings/afternoons selling nyonya kueh. One of them has some really good egg tarts … I believe it’s the stall manned by an elder lady. They confuse me. Sometimes the elder lady opens mornings, sometimes she does the afternoons šŸ˜•

The best thing about this kopitiam is the abundance of parking, and its very good local kopi-o; thick and teeth-blackening. Just the way I like it! You must try it iced or hot, even if you don’t eat. I guarantee you it’s worth your time. Prices of food and drinks here are at a slight premium, though but many patrons don’t mind as the stuff here is above average in both taste and quantity.

Location is optimum for visitors to the Medan Ipoh commercial area, and of course for the residents of Ipoh Garden East. I would even recommend this kopitiam for outstation travelers due to its easy access from the nearby North-South Expressway (Ipoh Selatan exit) … it’s a brain-dead location, really šŸ˜†

Edit, August 17, 2006: Here are some other stuff you can find in this kopitiam … First, the mornings-only wan tan mee:

Then, the fried rice (with an extra sunny-side up egg for me here) from the all-day fried mee/rice stall:

I finally “solved” the nyonya kueh, dual-stall scenario: Apparently the mornings-only lady is a bit uncooperative (from the eyes of the hawkers there) and refuses to vacate the stall for the afternoons-only business … and hence, can be found selling as late as 2:30pm to 3:00pm. It seems that she’ll only pack up and go when she completely sells of her kueh for the day. Successful or not, dunno la … but she *is* a bit pushy – and you gotta watch how she tallies up the bill for you when you buy from her … šŸ™„

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