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Opportunistic food vending

In Food, Ipoh on November 11, 2010 at 3:54 pm

How would you feel, when your favorite hawker food for all-time, decides to up its price – just for the hols?

Not by 10 sen or twenty, mind you …. that being the very common rate of increase in virtually all food these days … but a whole 50 sen! Yes: half a Ringgit …

That’s what happened recently, when I had the best Char Koay Teow this part of Ipoh: from RM3.00 (which is already a 30-sen increase from pre-Hari Raya prices) in October … to RM3.50, for a plate of with egg and cockles (no shrimp.) From what I see on the rest of the stalls’ price lists – price hikes are across the board for every dish in the shop. The only thing that did not get a price rise are the drinks.

SAM_0055 1600x1200

Sorry to say – this will be the last time I’m gonna step foot into this shop until the prices revert back to sanity (if ever) come 2011 …




Uncle Burger hit by thieves

In Ipoh, Public Grief on September 28, 2006 at 12:35 pm

In a very sad development, our sponsor, Uncle Burger, reported that his stove, table and parasol was stolen from his residence yesterday morning at around 10:30am. Read the rest of this entry »

Schlotzsky’s, Ipoh Parade

In Food, Ipoh on August 29, 2006 at 10:02 am

Alrighty – this is not gonna be a nice, long review. In fact, it’s gonna be short and rather bitter 😡 cos I really did not expect what I had coming when I plonked down in this Schlotzsky’s outlet which I had held in high regard – in the US, that is. Here? Sorry lah. Here’s what happened …

I was like, thirsty and slightly nibblish after window-shopping around Ipoh Parade with friends lah, right … So we decided to sit down at this “Funny Name, Serious Sandwich” shop smack midways up/down the ground floor of the mall lah, right … Order lah: 3 drinks, 2 plates of nibbles (something hot dog one, I forgot lah). Service cantik. Waiting time wasn’t so cantik … makan ok … until I saw the bill. Read the rest of this entry »

KFC inconsistencies

In Food, Ipoh on August 17, 2006 at 1:49 am

I’ve always had a nagging feeling that quality control – especially for an international food franchise – in Malaysian KFC outlets is, well … non-existent. But I was never able to prove it in material – until now.

Recently I decided to try their new item: Cheesy BBQ Meltz. I was in Parit Buntar (Perak) one day, so here’s what I ordered up at this town’s only KFC outlet: Read the rest of this entry »

Stadium foodcourt

In Food, Ipoh on August 17, 2006 at 1:02 am

There is a name for these row of stalls wrapped around the exterior (well, it’s on the east side) of Perak Stadium … but I honestly never noticed. I just call it the stadium foodcourt. Maybe I’ll notice it the next time I get around there; and update the title of this topic.

I like this place. Besides ample parking in front of the stalls on the service road, this place has quite a bit of variety for the breakfast and lunch going crowd. Most of the stalls are non-halal, but there’s a strip closer to the swimming pools that caters specificly to Muslim patrons with Malay-owned stalls. Don’t assume that all the other stalls in the foodcourt are non-halal though … Read the rest of this entry »

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Taman Timur, Ipoh Garden East

In Food, Ipoh on August 10, 2006 at 9:39 pm

Wow: I just realized this neighborhood kopitiam which I’ve been patronizing for yonks is named after a non-existent residential park …

Anyways, Kedai Minuman & Makanan Taman Timur is the de facto kopitiam for me – if you wanna meet up with me, be there every morning, 8am to 9am 😆 I present to you here, the stuff that I think are passable for daily consumption (meaning you won’t puke after having it for 3 days in a row) … Read the rest of this entry »

Oldtown Cafe, Medan Ipoh

In Coffee, Food, Ipoh on July 26, 2006 at 4:30 pm

Most of you in Ipoh would have noticed the “new face” of one of Ipoh’s famous white coffee brewers – Oldtown Cafe. I’m not too sure who are its owners, but it’s probably safe to say that Oldtown is somehow connected to the Nam Heong kopitiam (best known for its instant Old Town White Coffee, sold virtually everywhere). Maybe someone can enlighten me further here … anyhow, on to my lil review!

Read the rest of this entry »

The Mentally-Blind Motorist Syndrome

In Ipoh, Public Grief on July 24, 2006 at 1:50 pm

Recently, the Ipoh City Council went about the whole of Ipoh Garden and its surrounding areas, repainting road markers, lines, and parking lots. That’s utterly commendable – syabas! Job long overdue, but still most welcome.

Having said that, the folks around Ipoh Garden have pretty much adapted to a “no-lines-so-taroh-onli-who-cares” mentality. Although the demarcation lines are highly visible now, motorists cannot “see” them anymore after over 10 years of driving around purely by experience around the area (where’s the parking lot, stay off that road shoulder cos ada lobang, fire hydrant tarak pakai one so park onli nobody kacau one, etc.) – and here’s the result:


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Kinta City Foodcourt

In Food, Ipoh on July 24, 2006 at 12:28 pm

Just a quick post on one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite: Kinta City Foodcourt – otherwise known to locals as “the Jusco foodcourt”.

What I like about this foodcourt is the fact that it’s big, convenient (especially when I need to grab some stuff at Jusco), air-conditioned, and clean. Plenty of parking space on Kinta City’s roof parks and great access from there down to the foodcourt, too. A friend who works nearby told me once that this is the only logical place to have lunch during weekdays due to the abundance of parking lots, relatively sparse traffic – and air-conditioning on the cheap 😛 Read the rest of this entry »

D’Polo Restaurant

In Food, Ipoh on July 17, 2006 at 4:11 pm

I should be getting all my road names right by now *sigh* … maybe I’ll get a roadmap of Ipoh later. Oops – hi 🙂 Right! My review on D’Polo Restaurant in Ipoh, hehehe …

D’Polo Restaurant is a multi-ethnic cuisine kinda eatery, set in the super-duper big compound of one of them big colonial bungalows around the former polo grounds. In fact, it’s right in front of the grounds, on Jalan Brash. Please don’t ask me what’s the new name of that polo ground … everybody knows the polo grounds, ok? *sigh* You probably made out there once before too (or maybe still do, hahaha!) Read the rest of this entry »