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Do you do roadside burgers?

In Consumer Q&A, Food on August 9, 2006 at 4:17 pm

Just curious: Do you eat burgers cooked at roadside stalls? If you do, where are you located in Malaysia?

On average, how often do you consume them:

  • Daily? 😯
  • Weekly?
  • Every 2 weeks?
  • Once a month thing?
  • Never – what the hell are roadside burgers??

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  1. I usually just carry on living for about 30 days before I realise I haven’t had one yet and then I start hunting for my fix.

    Then I obsess over whether to go try one recommended by my or the ones I love going to. Often I’ll end up trying the more recently set up stalls because the older ones have a 50 minute queue of hungry customers (groan).

    As long as the seller’s attitude is good, any roadside burger made by ingredients within their ‘use by’ date is very satisfying gourmet experience.

    Long live the noble trade of roadside burger flippers!

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