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Opportunistic food vending

In Food, Ipoh on November 11, 2010 at 3:54 pm

How would you feel, when your favorite hawker food for all-time, decides to up its price – just for the hols?

Not by 10 sen or twenty, mind you …. that being the very common rate of increase in virtually all food these days … but a whole 50 sen! Yes: half a Ringgit …

That’s what happened recently, when I had the best Char Koay Teow this part of Ipoh: from RM3.00 (which is already a 30-sen increase from pre-Hari Raya prices) in October … to RM3.50, for a plate of with egg and cockles (no shrimp.) From what I see on the rest of the stalls’ price lists – price hikes are across the board for every dish in the shop. The only thing that did not get a price rise are the drinks.

SAM_0055 1600x1200

Sorry to say – this will be the last time I’m gonna step foot into this shop until the prices revert back to sanity (if ever) come 2011 …




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