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Consumer Nation officially on WordPress.com – welcome!

In Announcements on September 14, 2006 at 12:00 am

That’s right, folks – CN is now fully powered by WordPress.com, the greatest blogging system in the universe. Well, ok … not the universe, but it’s darn good and as idiot-proof as a blogging interface can get. Sign up for one yourself!

Please read on for important information for existing CN Premier and Standard members!

You can bookmark us on or http://www.consumer-nation.com https://consumernation.wordpress.com. Both will get you here on the main page, where the top 10 latest news and reviews of the consumer world in Malaysia is presented to you. Earlier postings can be accessed by a link at the bottom of the main page, or you can choose to view all at any particular month using our Archives links on the sidebars.

Current CN Premier members: You do not need to do anything for now other than read your consumer news and reviews here 😉 Your premier member status remains, and your CN Premier member cards remain as functional as before.

For both CN Premier & CN Standard members: The one difference would be in the comments posting: You do not need to “login” anymore in order to post, but you will be required to enter your existing membername and email address – the same ones you used when signing up in the old forum format. If you do not do so, your comments will not be shown, and deleted. Remember!

New CN Standard members: Welcome! Just create your new username & enter a valid and contactable email address when posting your comments. It is used solely to contact you in times regarding member status and/or CN emergency announcements (site down, maintenance, etc.)

New CN Premier members: CN Premier membership is by invitation only; you need to be a CN Standard member first. A nominal annual membership fee is required to help maintain the costs of Premier membership administration, benefits, and privileges. For more information on CN Premier membership, look out for the CN Premier FAQ (work in process.)

We do not divulge nor sell our members’ email addresses, period. We hate spam as much as you do, and will protect them to our fullest capabilities and control. Enough said.

My name is arbee, and I am your Host and main news/reviews man 🙂 We welcome voluntary contributions of news/reviews from our members; thank you for visiting us. Do come over more, and hope to have you as our member soon!


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