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Schlotzsky’s, Ipoh Parade

In Food, Ipoh on August 29, 2006 at 10:02 am

Alrighty – this is not gonna be a nice, long review. In fact, it’s gonna be short and rather bitter 😡 cos I really did not expect what I had coming when I plonked down in this Schlotzsky’s outlet which I had held in high regard – in the US, that is. Here? Sorry lah. Here’s what happened …

I was like, thirsty and slightly nibblish after window-shopping around Ipoh Parade with friends lah, right … So we decided to sit down at this “Funny Name, Serious Sandwich” shop smack midways up/down the ground floor of the mall lah, right … Order lah: 3 drinks, 2 plates of nibbles (something hot dog one, I forgot lah). Service cantik. Waiting time wasn’t so cantik … makan ok … until I saw the bill.

Bloody hell, RM30!!

3 fruit/Milo-like drinks – not some fancy drinks, ya – plus 2 itsy-bitsy tiny plates of some hacked-up, battered hot dog from God-knows-where (the blackish blobs) and 2~3 pieces of fish bites … RM30?? Wah-lauuu, I tell you … hot man, myself 😡 I seriously dunno what they are gonna charge for their sandwiches and other elaborate dishes.

Better make sure you got at least RM100 in cash before you step in there, man.

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