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Stadium foodcourt

In Food, Ipoh on August 17, 2006 at 1:02 am

There is a name for these row of stalls wrapped around the exterior (well, it’s on the east side) of Perak Stadium … but I honestly never noticed. I just call it the stadium foodcourt. Maybe I’ll notice it the next time I get around there; and update the title of this topic.

I like this place. Besides ample parking in front of the stalls on the service road, this place has quite a bit of variety for the breakfast and lunch going crowd. Most of the stalls are non-halal, but there’s a strip closer to the swimming pools that caters specificly to Muslim patrons with Malay-owned stalls. Don’t assume that all the other stalls in the foodcourt are non-halal though … There’s a rather popular char koay teow stall (just 2 stalls away from the stadium’s east-side entrance) that is not only pork-free, but certified as halal by the authorities – check out that green halal seal on the signboard:

I dunno about it being from Taiping or not … but I can attest to the fact that this stall serves up some pretty good-tasting char koay teow, halal or otherwise. But I still prefer my favorite dish in this foodcourt – the Hong Kong chee cheong fun:

A bit pricey at RM2.80 for a large plate (well for us Ipohites la) but it’s the best I can find without going downtown. You can have it with either char siew or fresh prawn fillings, or both.

There are many other good stuff here … try the jawa mee, wan tan mee, and the other char koay teow stalls (except the ones open at night – yuks). I also heard that the banana leaf curry stall next to the halal char koay teow is very popular for its cook-on-order fish head curry. And judging by the crowd during lunchtime and the heavenly smells coming outta the stall … it’s good 😀

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