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The Mentally-Blind Motorist Syndrome

In Ipoh, Public Grief on July 24, 2006 at 1:50 pm

Recently, the Ipoh City Council went about the whole of Ipoh Garden and its surrounding areas, repainting road markers, lines, and parking lots. That’s utterly commendable – syabas! Job long overdue, but still most welcome.

Having said that, the folks around Ipoh Garden have pretty much adapted to a “no-lines-so-taroh-onli-who-cares” mentality. Although the demarcation lines are highly visible now, motorists cannot “see” them anymore after over 10 years of driving around purely by experience around the area (where’s the parking lot, stay off that road shoulder cos ada lobang, fire hydrant tarak pakai one so park onli nobody kacau one, etc.) – and here’s the result:


Yeah – cyclists included. These are just 2 of the dozens of Mentally-Blind Motorist Syndrome (MBMS) cases I’ve seen rearing its ugly head day-in, day-out in Ipoh Garden. If I am to photograph every single MBMS case, I would end up with thousands by the year end 😕

Please la, people … go to the eye clinic, take Panadol, whatever – cure yourself of MBMS before it gets worse. Eventually the sickness will occur everywhere else you go with your car/bicycle, and then you complain when the city council / traffic police saman you 😦 How la like dat …

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  1. No wonder lah the city council so hard at work painting up parking lot boxes and such in all residential areas of Ipoh … they are gonna charge us lah!

    I really should have known … where got so nice paint all cantik-cantik for you, right? Kena bayar, beb! And that, with the “new” parking coupon system. What a BITCH!!! It’s the same “koyak satu keping, kasi tebuk lobang kat time/hari you parking” crap that has been implemented in the smaller towns of Malaysia since 1900 …

    I think the first time I saw that being used was at Sg Petani, Kedah. Then it was everywhere. You know what’s the bloody worst thing? All town/city councils have their own coupons!!! So I ended up with 10 booklets of unused parking coupons from 10 towns/cities, with only ONE coupon used each! Why? Cos I was in town for LUNCH ONLY LAA!! ARRRRGGGH … stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

    And NO … they won’t sell you one coupon only! And AND … the coupons are all time-sensitive and valid for the year you purchased only!! How the rest? Burn lah!! Man, am I pissed … can you tell?

  2. yeah man, i can tell

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