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In Food, Ipoh on July 17, 2006 at 4:11 pm

I should be getting all my road names right by now *sigh* … maybe I’ll get a roadmap of Ipoh later. Oops – hi 🙂 Right! My review on D’Polo Restaurant in Ipoh, hehehe …

D’Polo Restaurant is a multi-ethnic cuisine kinda eatery, set in the super-duper big compound of one of them big colonial bungalows around the former polo grounds. In fact, it’s right in front of the grounds, on Jalan Brash. Please don’t ask me what’s the new name of that polo ground … everybody knows the polo grounds, ok? *sigh* You probably made out there once before too (or maybe still do, hahaha!)

Anyways … multi-ethnic cuisine = semua pun ada la. Western, Malay, Thai, Chinese, etc … all halal. Owned, operated, and food cooked up by Muslims. The place is h-u-g-e. Most of the tables are set under the open skies with brollies over them just in case the heavens decide to open up and give you some nasi goreng banjir (don’t laff – happened to me before ok.) There are about 20 or so round tables set under a big canopy for semi-indoor dining also, if you are not feeling too confident of the weather. The kitchen is another building just next to the big canopy.

The food. Ah, the food … First summary? Good. Dishes sampled are good ol’ Fish & Chips …

… Nasi Goreng Nenas – if you are wondering what’s with the empty spot on the plate, that’s where the bowl of soup went 😛 …

… and Nasi Goreng Ayam Cili Kering:

The Nasi Goreng Ayam Cili Kering photo also shows a very small portion for an order of Kangkung Belacan. The lil bowls of regular sup bunjut come standard with both nasi goreng dishes; the crackers you see on the plates are sides of keropok sayur. Drinks are pretty much standard stuff; ordered were jus laici (there were 3 good-sized lychees in there though), milo ais and kopi ais, all served in tall dessert glasses.

First, the Fish & Chips: quite good, really. Instead of one whole fillet of fish, it consists of several chunks of what tastes like dory; the batter over it is the difference as it tastes like the batter for Malay-style pisang goreng … Yeah – I first thought it would be strange too, but it’s surprisingly tasty with the fish. Then you have the usual portions of French fries and garnishing at the side. Special mention goes to the properly-prepared tartar sauce: for the first time in yonks, I actually see real tartar sauce served up with Fish & Chips. Most of the time, I get plain mayo 🙄

The Nasi Goreng Nenas was an experience from the moment the order was placed … tastes average. Everything else came for over 15 minutes – but Nasi Goreng Nenas was still a no-show. What happened laa, we thought … until the fellow that took our order came up to ask what’s missing (probably due to the puzzled and aggravated looks at my table.) Off he went to check on what happened to the Nasi Goreng Nenas … and came back with a rather embarrased look on his face. Apparently the kitchen thought the order was for pineapple JUICE 😆 The fella apologized profusely, and informed that the rice dish will be served in 4 minutes. I must commend him for all that effort in service – his name is Syed Nizam, the young-ish Operations Manager for D’Polo Restaurant. Excellent service – and I’ll tell you why he is so top-grade stuff later.

The Nasi Goreng Ayam Cili Kering is Nizam’s recommendation. De-boned chicken portions stir-fried with dried chillies, ginger, onions and some veggies in what I believe should be oyster-flavored sauce. A very Chinese way of cooking, and I must say tastes right. Not exceptional, but good enough.

Besides the slip-up on the Nasi Goreng Nenas, there were other glitches that marred an otherwise good dining experience. There was only 1 unisex toilet, which is located in a separate building about 30m’s walk from the dining areas. So that means, if you wanna go … better make it quick and pray the loo’s not occupied when you get there 😐 There are 2 handwashing basins at the kitchen-building … but they weren’t working when I was there. So guess where’s the only serviceable handwashing facility … that’s right – in that same, sole, unisex loo.

Prices of food and drinks were as their main signboard says: hawker food pricing – that is, if you order the hawker-style dishes. The Fish n Chips was RM7, and RM4~5 for the nasi goreng dishes. That side order of Kangkung Belacan was a dissapointment though, as it really is too small a portion to be asking RM4 for. It don’t taste good, too 😦

But overall, D’Polo Restaurant is a good place to hang out and makan-makan with friends and family; dining under the stars. It’s very airy, and everyone can go across to the polo grounds opposite after dinner to walk off that excess food 😆 Dinner’s just all you get to do at D’Polo: they only open 6pm onwards. Syed Nizam says they are working on opening for lunch next month, and promptly handed me a business card promoting their catering services that includes buffets. You can give him a call at (05)311-1208 or (016)536-6560.

Edit July 24, 2006: I found out yesterday that D’Polo has started serving lunch.

Something about Syed Nizam looked and felt familiar … the way he speaks, his gestures and posture … He solved the riddle for me when he reveals that he is a trained hotelier and former restaurant manager at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam 😀 In fact, he says – all staff of D’Polo Restaurant are trained hoteliers.

Now we see the familiarity in food presentation from the photos taken 😉

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