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Bala’s Chalet Hotel & Restaurant

In Cameron Highlands, Hotels, Recreational Destinations on July 17, 2006 at 10:15 pm

Bala’s Chalet Hotel & Restaurant was definitely not our first choice of accomodation. Going up to Cameron after 6pm at any given day is not a good idea. But we did so cos it’s just too bloddy HOT at sea level Ipoh. No matter what, we’re determined to catch some cool mountain air over the weekend. The idea is to get a truly great stay experience in Cameron without a reservation. Just to see if that is possible. We were shooting for some place that will accomodate our budget of RM100~150 for a night’s stay.

No go 😆

After running about several of the 4-star-and-above hotels and finding them all fully booked, it was either Bala’s or nothing. The price was all wrong – RM260 with continental breakfast – but we sure as hell didn’t wanna go back down to Ipoh then; not after the breath of fresh and cold air. So Bala’s we did … and we weren’t disappointed much. Here are some photos of the chalet we had for that night, named Hampton Court: the view as you step thru the door …

We thought the timber ceiling was a wee bit too low … and what’s with the stairs … until we found out that there’s actually – an attic floor!

Now: not all chalets are the same. In fact, no 2 are the same. Bala’s Chalet is situated on a rather steep hillock between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Hampton Court is situated on strip of earth carved out of the side of that hillock, very much like a tea-growing terrace. Here’s how that row of chalets look like in the day, which overlooks the main building and reception (it’s that row of pointy roofs):

The terrace is no wider than 15 meters – including the chalet itself. And the steep climb up to that terrace … trust me, you don’t wanna climb up more than once a day 😆

I’m sure you get the idea now: Bala’s Chalet is beautiful. Every scene, every view from within and out is a sight to behold and literally throws you back in some time warp to the Victorian era. Lookit the main dining hall:

The main tea room:

The main building apparently was a school back in ye olde days when Cameron the dude himself was still around 😆 It now houses the unique hotel rooms and Mr. Bala’s private residences:

I could go on and on with the photos. Over 40 of them actually … see all of them in my Flickr photoset.

The accomodation was great. Unfortunately, the continental breakfast was a huge letdown. I’ve never been partial to conti breakkies: I mean, how da heck are you supposed to fill up with just bread and tea? It costs RM10 per head. Mr. Bala said that I could “upsize” to the American breakfast set by paying the difference of RM8.50, in which I promptly did. It wasn’t too hot a breakfast, either 😦 My recommendation is to do away with breakfasts at Bala’s Chalet and take your money to Tanah Rata where you can get some happening portions of breakfast sets for half the price.

Then, there’s the hot shower in the chalets … or rather, the lack of it. Hot water is a test of real patience. When it comes, it’s SO hot, you’d cook yourself in seconds. And when it goes … it goes for hours on end. Sorry la if it’s a really cold night and everyone on the block starts taking hot showers … Definitely not up to mark for the room rates charged.

Conclusions: Bala’s Chalet & Restaurant is a great place to spend a night in and just tour the grounds – with a reservation. It is a bit pricey, but it buys you some really great photo moments with friends, family and lovebirds. Ah, yes – lovers: Don’t book the chalet accomodation …
The walls are kinda thin, if ya know what I mean 😉

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