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In Car Washes, Ipoh on July 13, 2006 at 12:44 pm

Alright, here we go on the Pro Car Care Centre review!

I must say from the onset that this review is based on a car wash done on member jkn‘s car. He was visiting and really needed to get his black Myvi spiffed up before he heads for his hometown up north. You know la; the thing about dark-colored cars … sikit-sikit habuk all cover the thing 😐

So off we went to Pro Car Care Centre (or PCCC in short) in Medan Ipoh … not hard to find. If you use the side exit of Tesco’s covered parking area, just head straight across to the opposite road. As you come to the end, you WILL see PCCC in front – not left, not right – right up front at the corner of a row of shophouses. If you exit Jusco: turn left, come to a traffic light. Turn right there, straight down until you see a white complex/building thingy on your left. Turn left into the road just before that white building, less than 50m later, first turning to your right – and you’re there.

Now – PCCC is not just a car wash. No; it offers car polishing and waxing services too, using top-grade Japanese car detailing products from companies such as Soft99. Many other brands, but all Japanese I oso dunno la what da heck those things do … janji make my car look like a million bucks without paying a million bucks can dee … And as in all car detailing shops, you have a whole bunch of service combinations (and prices) to glam up your ride before you pick up your hot date for that glitzy clubbing night out. Or maybe just to stop the other half nagging about your cleanliness habits – or lack thereof … So ok LAHHH!! We go wash the car, okayyyy??

Hmm … jkn’s car actually looks better all soaped-up like that than it is dry …. πŸ˜› They used to use some sorta shampoo+water in a bucket before – just like the fella under the big tree several roads away … but now PCCC uses a funky lil machine-tub that spits out foam shampoo which resembles snow. Even falls like snow. I think that’s why they call it a “snow wash” these days – nevermind. The foam’s pretty thick (made me think of shampooing my hair every time I go there) and they spit it outta the hose from that machine-tub thingy, all over the car – after they got rid of the bigger chunks of dirt using water jets.

Then the fellas go down to work on it using their hands and bigass sponges. Quite a thorough job, I must say. Not a spot missed – which is a very common mistake by car wash shops. Scrub, scrub, scrub … water jets go on again to hose it all off … and then the drying begins. By hand with cotton cloths for large surface areas, and sometimes using airguns on crevices to blow out lil puddles of water. This is pretty important for me, cos far too many times have I left a car wash with a clean and dry car, only to find streaks of car shampoo + water oozing outta the crevices of the bodywork. Ugly and frustrating, man. Not in PCCC, I’m happy to note.

Wipes ALL over the car – no panel spared, including the insides and unders of all doors and hatches. Perfect, cos those areas are usually the dirtiest if left uncleaned after some time. Dry, dry, blow, blow … At the same time, other workers get in and vacuum out the car’s interior. Now here’s what I like about PCCC’s interior cleaning: not only are they thorough with the vacuuming, they actually are quite detailed in wiping down ALL parts of the interior. Including the control stalks on the steering column. If there’s a part they cannot reach with a damp cloth – they actually use small brushes to get in! Now that’s what I call, service well performed 😎 All interior wipedowns are done with cotton cloth and water. We didn’t have a car with leather interiors to give PCCC a go, so I honestly do not know what they’ll wipe leather down with. Just hope it’s not water, cos it’ll definitely ruin the seats.

So ok – done! Pretty quick too. 15 minutes or so with the Myvi, and that’s not slow considering the thorough interior job done. I am rather disappointed with how they cleaned the wheels, though … wished they used a brush on it rather than sponges, cos they consistently miss the crevices where brake dust, oil and dirt accumulate the most 😐 Cost? RM8 for wash+vacuum. It’ll cost you more if you have larger rides; RM8 is the rate for small compacts.

Conclusion: it is – so far – my best experience for a car wash around the Ipoh Garden area. The job is relatively thorough; jkn’s Myvi came out clean and gleaming like a whistle. PCCC offers some sort of membership program so common with big car detailing shops; I’m not sure how that works nor cost, though. However – I’m working on getting some special rates for CN Premier Members Wink I’ll update everyone on this forum thread if it comes through, ya?

Edit, August 29, 2006: Just wanted to update the thread cos the boss asked me to πŸ˜›

I am told that Soft99 products from Japan are only used secondarily – maybe like, the less important bits? The main products in use in PCCC to give your ride a spankin’ bling-bling awesome shine is from Meguiar’s (USA) – check out their website, man. There’s really some cool info and stuff there.

PCCC hasn’t got back to me about the special arrangements for CN members yet 😦 Apparently Big Boss very busy … travel here there everywhere but that’s alright. Sooner or later, heheh …

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  1. Hmmm.. Gotta visit this care centre next time I go for coffee at the kopitiam there. Just curious, it has snow-wash or not?

  2. Umm … I don’t think they call it a “snow wash” … it’s just the shampoo-ey stuff that some shops use as a marketing gimmick. Looks like snow, in which yeah – PCCC has that.

  3. HI,

    i’m BK Tan, the owner operator of Pro Car Care Centre in Ipoh. I hope to be able to provide some suggestions and advices to car owners through this forum in the near future. Comments are also welcome! I hope to finish the new list in November. There are some new programs to be added to the existing ones. The website is still under development and should be ready before 2007. Bye and hope to see you soon. Cheers!

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