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Starbucks Coffee in town!

In Coffee, Food, Ipoh on July 11, 2006 at 12:21 pm

Ok, fine – you might think that all Starbucks Coffee outlets there ever is and was, would offer the same thing to you – right?

Wrong. There are plenty of things that can make your cuppa at your local Starbucks go all nice and aromatic … and plenty more that can really f*** it up, and take the rest of the day to hell with it.

Starbucks finally decided, “Ok, Ipoh can do now lah.” And they decided to stick their first Ipoh outlet in a mall that really isn’t much for Ipohites as it’s supposed to be: Ipoh Parade. Unless you’re a teenager, of course. They should really rename Ipoh Parade as Teenage Parade … but, I digress.

So ok – Starbucks in Ipoh Parade. How? Dunno yet 😛 Haven’t been there since it opened its doors, but will be going there within this week to check things out. And what will I be looking out for; to give it my personal thumbs-up for a Starbucks outlet?

  • Fresh coffee beans and grounds (ok this shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • Al fresco coffee swigging, with minimal noise pollution.
  • Friendly, cheerful, proper English-speaking and KNOWLEDGEABLE staff, especially the managers … I’ve had my fair share of permanent PMS-suffering managers.
  • WiFi, aka wireless broadband connection … probably by TMnet Hotspot, as at every Starbucks I’ve been in Pen-Mal.
  • A PLACE to buy the damn TMnet Hotspot prepaid access cards – you’ll never believe how many such hotspots don’t sell these.
  • Power outlets to power me lappie when the juice runs out – you’ll be amazed how many Starbucks lack these.

I pass Ipoh Parade every morning on my way to work, so I guess it’ll be one of these mornings … Until then – if any of you guys drop by there sooner, let us know here what you think of the outlet based on the criteria above – and more of yours too, pretty-please!

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  1. Okay, so the big hoohaa on the ‘new’ cafe in Ipoh Parade is revealed – its Starbucks, people. So I thought .. hmm cool, sure wanna try .. I mean, hey in KL Starbucks is nothing .. what with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Gloria Jeans, San Francisco Coffee .. now we have Black Canyon .. you will be spoiled with choices in KL. I can understand KL with its urbanite-coffee-culture and multitude of expats n foreigners (tourist, students, business people)- so the taste buds are more leaning towards the Colombian, Arabica, Costa Rican, Brazilian types .. Ipoh, now Ipoh has its own coffee culture .. The Kopitiam Culture with its white coffee, “Xi Mut” tea, cham, etc. I wonder how Ipohites welcome the new brand of westernised coffee-cafe-thingy ..

    So I went there with two of my friends, Wawa and Huda. They went to buy some buns at a bakery nearby, whilst I made a beeline to Starbucks. This is my 1st impression:

    Ambience – cozy, nice sofas and rattan chairs outside at the terrace and huge tents
    Color scheme and lighting – warm and relaxing
    Furniture arrangement – sofas inside, rattan chair outside – cool
    Decoration – nice arrays of Starbucks mugs, cups n saucers set – gotta buy some for my friend, he is an avid Starbucks’ mugs collector

    Cool setting for the ultra-urban yuppie feeling, y’all get what I mean .. buuuuut .. there is always the ‘but’!

    The drawback – too many schoolkids hanging around .. sitting around waiting for parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or plain layparking .. damn … suddenly had a surreal feeling that I was at a school canteen … there goes the ultra urban yuppie feeling .. and these schoolkids kinda annoying of sorts .. talking loudly, laughing hysterically .. running .. chasing friends .. oh dang …

    Oh well … I went to the counter to order my usual tall cold latte .. the cashier stood there looking at me with this kinda bored look that said: well, hurry up with your order ma’am so i can sit and gossip with my gang here .. well, maybe I exaggerate but I am so used to be greeted warmly, gladly, and with smile at a rival cafe (no need to mention la) .. I took a look at myself, a 30-ish woman wearing baju kurung .. hmm maybe she think I am from a kampung ..

    Bad habit but when somebody gives me that look, that disdain look, I just toss my head and c**k it a little, and, with a heavy Brit-accentted English, order my choice and just to annoy her, I asked whether they serve any kind of salad for lunch, and if they can suggest anything good for lunch … that kinda jolted her a bit, she started to give attention to me and smile.. well I think half-heartedly .. then I asked for a piece of American Baked Cheesecake ..

    The latte? So-so for RM8.50 .. the cheesecake .. so-so .. for RM8.50 .. while waiting for my friends I sat at the sofa and looked around .. I admit the place is cozy – just without schoolkids around, please …

  2. Whoa! Thanks def_may for your experience with Starbucks Ipoh! It sorta put a dampener on my impending visit there this weekend … noise and snotty know-it-all staff are definitely NOT what I’d like to accompany my coffee 😦 Still, I’ll check it out for any WiFi service as you didn’t mention anything of it. But school canteen … haiyaa … like that got WiFi oso no use la 😦

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