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Excuse me, where is the hand washing basin??

In Cameron Highlands, Public Grief on July 9, 2006 at 3:49 pm

Post contributed by member definite_maybe

Hi CN .. sowieeeee .. It has been very crazy weeks/months for me .. work, family, love life .. sigh .. sometimes i think i fall into the category of abnormal people .. 😦

Anyway .. I just got back from Cameron Highlands .. and yess it is still cool .. literally 😀 Just not as cool as last time .. global warming?? Ask Bush about that! Anyway, on my way back, I stopped for lunch at a food court at Brinchang, it’s the one in front of Hotel Jasmine, right adjacent to Brinchang Central Market .. and i noticed there weren’t any hand-washing basins/sinks .. I wonder how the premise was approved as one of the requirements for setting up food premises is to have adequate hand washing facilities. I have to go into the kitchen to wash my hands and .. hmm ..

I think Majlis Daerah CH should visit this place and do something about it. I mean .. it is clean alright .. but no hand washing sink??? It’s unacceptable, man ..

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  1. Hmm, that’s definitely out of the ordinary for a foodcourt in Malaysia – especially one that caters to our Malay friends (if I’m not mistaken). Perhaps we’ll have some members from Cameron Highlands that could enlighten us on this rather bad arrangement …

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