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Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal

In Ipoh, Public Grief on July 7, 2006 at 3:05 pm

Continuing on with the Ipoh Blog & Podcast article on Ipoh’s worst public infrastructure, I have here yet another recent photo of this public disgrace:

That’s a frickin’ pool right in front of the bus “platform”! Oh, oh – and they are charging RM1 PER HOUR for the frickin’ car park that looks like the morgue from a horror movie. SEVERE lack of lighting, leaky sewage plumbing from above showering cars unfortunate enough to park under them with foul, corrosive liquids … most drains STILL uncovered …

And they are charging for the right to park in this piece of crap Ipoh cringes to call its interstate bus terminal. I’ll take Medan Kidd as before, thank you!

  1. Oh THAT Medan Gopeng .. ahh .. bad lighting, dank damp parking, seriously overrated service and facilities .. not worth your trip there unless u making trip somewhere from there .. RM1/hour is a daylight robbery .. I’d rather take a bus and walk from the bus stop at the roadside .. now way am I gonna give ’em money if the service/facilities ain’t good.

  2. bagi pendapat saya medan gopeng adalah satu kemudahan untuk para pengguna menggunakannya. saya rasa medan gopeng mempunyai kebersihan yang masih lagi dikawal pasa kini.kemudahan yang selesa serta layanan yang memuaskan.susunan bas senang didapati.banyak pengangkutan disediakan untuk ke destinasi.

  3. * comment deleted due to excessive profanity *

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